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For those of you familiar with the old site, we used the simple search form on this page to access MLS listings.  For the most part the site has moved on to the more slick and visually interesting map and listing tile type search portals that both keep up with the times and are mobile friendly.  But the old school forms are just a stripped down version of what we as REALTORS™ use when we help our clients find their perfect home.  And I am sure that for some of you it worked great and you loved using it.  So I decided to bring it back as an option for your searching pleasure.

To take full advantage of the form, it does require you to know the REALTOR™ zones in the city of London.  You can click the link to find a map of the NORTH LONDON map of real estate zones.  Also SOUTH LONDON and EAST LONDON.  It is as simple as selecting “London” as your major area, then selecting one of the three regions and the zone you want to look at.  Select the style of home you want, your price range, hit “Search Listings” and you are in business.  Also, when you are looking through the Neighbourhood Guide the page for each different community will also identify at the bottom of the page the appropriate real estate zone.  So if you are reading about a neighbourhood and think that this is the area for you, it is a snap to find homes that are listed within that geographical part of the city using this form.

Another nice thing about this form is that the available properties are up to date to the second.  The moment a listing is posted to the system, you can find it through this search form.  It is kind of basic, but it does work. If you find a home you like, contact me and have me set up a personal viewing at a time that works.  Happy Searching!


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