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London 2019 Year to Date Market Trends Info Graphic

What does all of this mean for the London Ontario real estate market?  These are the signs that the market is starting to stabilize.  Yes, prices continue to rise.  Yes, it is still a strong sellers market.  But the year over year, the amount of inventory is starting to rise even as demand remains strong.  Also, the sales-to-listing rate is moving towards slightly closer to the 50% number that would indicate a balanced market.  We are still a ways off that, but if supply is increasing even as demand and price growth remains strong, sellers are starting to trust that they will be able to buy a home once they sell.  Notice also that the more expensive North London is slowing down relative to South and East London.  If the upper end of the market is slowing, that will cap price growth somewhat at the price points down market.  That means that even though demand for average priced houses remains high, the sales prices are getting more predictable.  Predictability is good for the long term health of the market.