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Have you been thinking about making a move?  Need a little more space for a growing family?  Have the kids all moved out and now is the time to downsize?  Has a new career opportunity opened up for you in another city?  There are lots of reasons to consider a move.  Moving means selling your home.  It is a big process with lots to consider.  Buy first, then sell?  Sell first then buy?  What is the best time of year to sell, and why?  Do we renovate first before listing?  How do we get the house ready?  What is the process of selling?  And of course, we all want to know: what is my home worth in today’s market?  iStock_000005818930XSmallFill out the form in the sidebar, or click the button link below and send me an email, or pick up the phone and call the number at the top of the page and we can sit down together and discuss your options, the value of your home and how best to get it ready for sale.  Until then, enjoy this guide to selling your home.

Even if you are happy where you are and your house is your home, it is also an investment.  And like any investment, it needs to be monitored.  Although the value may not seem like it changes much from year to year, it can be worthwhile to learn the market value of your home every couple of years.  Knowing that there is untapped value in your home may be the inspiration you need to undertake that renovation project you have been thinking about.  Now might be the perfect time to check on the value of your home with a free, no obligation market valuation.  Fill out the form in the sidebar, or just click the button below to send me an email, or pick up the phone and call the number at the top of the page.

I only collect the personal information necessary to effectively provide professional services to my clients and customers.  I do not sell, trade, transfer, rent or exchange your personal information with anyone.  I understand that at this point in the process that you might be nervous about opening up with your personal information, but my commitment to you is to only contact you in the manner of your choosing. I value the trust you are placing in me.





Let’s Get the Process Started! Tell Steve a Little About Your Home and He Will Be in Touch to Discuss the Value and Marketing of Your Home.


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