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You probably remember closing day from when you bought a home, but for selling it’s a little different. You should have met with your lawyer a couple of days in advance. Be sure to set this meeting up if your lawyer hasn’t already contacted you. At this meeting you will sign off the mortgage, the legal papers, and give a set of keys to your lawyer for the new buyers.  You may or may not have to drop off the remainder of your keys once you are moved out.  If you are moving a couple of days before closing, which I recommend, you will be able to drop off all the keys well before the day of closing.

On the actual day of closing you will likely be notified in the afternoon by your lawyer that the sale has closed.  Ask your lawyer if you can expect a call from their office when the transaction is completed.  The sale is officially closed and completed when the money and keys change hands, and the buyers are registered on title. Now it’s on to your new home!

iStock_000012320370XSmallI am in the business of arranging for smooth transactions, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be snags in the process. If you’re concerned about anything, please get in touch with me.  Sometimes having an experienced person talk with your lawyer or mortgage professional, someone who knows how to ask the right questions, can often get a stuck problem unstuck.  Even when I cannot directly solve the problem, I can often get you plain English answers that will help you understand what is happening and how and when it will be resolved.

My services don’t end when the deal has closed.   If you have any questions, concerns or outstanding issues, please give me a call or send me an e-mail and I will be glad to help.  If you have moved into a new home, you will wonder about the value of you your home, especially in those times when you see a “For Sale” sign in your neighbourhood.  I am always happy to sit down with you and discuss the value of your home and how any potential upgrades and renovations might affect the value of your home.  You will receive my real estate newsletter and other updates which will help you as a proud homeowner.  Join me on Facebook and receive regular real estate news updates in your feed.




Let’s Get the Process Started! Tell Steve a Little About Your Home and He Will Be in Touch to Discuss the Value and Marketing of Your Home.


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