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I always encourage my clients to help make the Buyer’s experience great. The most important thing is to leave your home clean and ready to move into.  Think of how you would like the home to be prepared for you to move into.  Soon you will be in this position also and the cleaner the house, the easier the move becomes.  Give that a gift to the buyer.  Some agents will even put this into the offer because sometimes people move out and leave a huge mess behind!  Please plan ahead to have your home cleaned out before the buyers move in. Some often-overlooked areas are closets, backyards, crawlspaces, garages, and yes, the fridge!

iStock_000006155048XSmallAs you know, moving is quite stressful. Imagine how great it would be if someone made it easier by providing you with a list of the service providers they used, so you didn’t have to spend time looking for information when you need it most! You can help out by leaving the new buyers some names and phone numbers of services you use, such as your alarm system, auto mechanic, house cleaning, lawn/garden services – even your veterinarian and local dry cleaner. The buyers will be thrilled by your goodwill!

On a practical note, the buyers will definitely need things like your old warranty papers (for your roof, heating/cooling system, appliances etc.), contracts or receipts for work or services done on the property by you or by contractors within the last five years, and extra keys to doors, outside storage buildings, crawl spaces etc. Also garage door openers if that applies to you, as well as the security alarm code if you’ve kept the alarm system going for them to assume when you leave. It’s common to leave all this paperwork on the kitchen counter. You won’t need it anymore!  Tuck it all in a big Ziploc bag or manila folder so it is all handy for the Buyer.




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