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“As a military member being posted to London, I was given a week for my house hunting trip, during which time I was expected to find and purchase a home. If I didn’t manage this, I would have had to organize a separate trip to London which would have involved travelling cross country multiple times . With the expert assistance of Steve Baarda I found and purchased a home in a single day, allowing me to enjoy the rest of my week visiting friends and family and enjoying London. As a first time home buyer this was an extremely positive experience and I have recommended Steve as a realtor to everyone I know who is looking to buy a home. When the demands of military life inevitably force me to move again, I will definitely by contacting Steve Baarda regarding selling the house he helped me buy. 10/10  thank you, Steve.”


“I think you would be hard pressed to find an agent who cares more than Steve.  At a home viewing, he cleaned up dog poop from the floor as he wished to spare the home owner the later embarrassment of discovering this following our viewing.  Steve was patient through multiple days of viewings.  We finally found the best fit for us.”


“My wife and I are very satisfied with Steve’s punctuality, his negotiations skills and his timely response to all our questions related to Real Estate.  We will not hesitate to recommend Steve to anyone else.”


“I did my research and Steve has a very informative website, one of the best I could find in London. When I contacted Steve his response was very fast and followed by a very informative and friendly phone call.”


“Thanks! We love our new place!”


What influenced your decision to select [Steve]?  “His website — Excellent information”


“Steve provided us with spot-on suggestions in staging the house. He was always available and provided the voice of reason through the house negotiation.  He was also unflagging in his commitment to selling the house, holding multiple open houses throughout the sale period.”


“In a word ‘Wow’! Steve did a lot of research to provide us with information about properties in our budget.  Steve did a super job of arranging and scheduling viewings.”


“Steve is highly professional and personable.  We were fortunate to have Steve assist us in our search.”


“He was always available and answered all my concerns.  Steve demonstrated great values.”


“Steve showed a real interest in our needs from a Realtor point of view. Understood our position in the purchase.  Very professional.  Good Job, thanks for the service.”


“Thank you for your patience, kindness, knowledge, and expertise in helping us through the process of buying our first home.  We appreciated that you got to know us and our needs and wants, and helped us find the perfect home.  We are really happy and enjoying it very much!”


“We really enjoyed working with Steve, and greatly appreciated all of his help through this buying process.”


“As first time home buyers we had a lot of questions along the way, and Steve was incredibly generous with his time and experience.”


“[Steve] was very patient with us as we spent three months looking for a house for our very special circumstances.  [He] advised us on what to do because we really don’t know a whole lot about this subject matter.”


“[We] highly recommend Steve.  He is very aware of needs and had good advice! … I recommended him to many people: friends/family/colleagues.”


“Steve has an excellent website full of information useful to someone buying from out of town.  He was always prompt with responses, providing us with many listings to view, and was able to line up full days of viewings which we really appreciated since we were making trips from out of town.  He answered every question we had along the way and made us feel that all questions were welcome.”


“Steve took the time to get to know us and our needs.  He helped make the process of searching for and buying our first home a lot less stressful.  He didn’t make us feel pressured; instead he encouraged us to take the time we needed to find and know what was right for us.  He went above and beyond to help us!  We were extremely pleased with Steve’s services!!”


“Thank you for making us feel valued and special as clients and for making buying our first home fun, stress-free, and easy.”


“The service was excellent”


“Excellent work, very impressed with Steve”


“Anything we wanted, [Steve] was there to respond and deliver”


“Steve responded so quickly to all of our e-mails and questions.  He was so great to explain the whole process of buying a home for the first time and guided us to other resources and professionals to help us close the deal.”


“I would like to thank the company and especially agent Steve Baarda for being such a good agent and very responsible for his work!  Thanks a lot. … “He did such great work!” … “Service is great”


“We are very satisfied with the sale of our house.  Steve Baarda is an excellent agent.  We are very satisfied with his efforts and results!!”


Is there anything that [Steve] could have done differently to provide better service?  “No, we are very satisfied!”


What did [Steve] do that in your opinion was extra special or unexpected?  “Very friendly, prompt and knowledgeable.”


How did you meet [Steve]?  “We found his website and contacted him.”


What did [Steve] do that in your opinion was extra special or unexpected?  “We had lots of fun with Steve and we could see that he wanted to help us find the right house for us.”


“Thanks for the great service.”


“[Steve] always returned our calls … [he] willingly hosted several open houses … Thank you Steve for the successful sale of our home.”


“[Steve] was good at pointing out things that could come in handy, such as a large foyer/entrance way.”


What did [Steve] do that in your opinion was extra special or unexpected?  “He responded immediately to questions by text, e-mail or phone.”


What did [Steve] do that in your opinion was extra special or unexpected?  “He put us at ease, and let us know where we stood all the time.”


“I liked his friendly personality.  Open, not pushy.  Realistic approach.”


What did [Steve] do that in your opinion was extra special or unexpected?  “No pressure, kept in touch, set good expectations, always followed up.”


“Steve Baarda is amazing to work with.  I am trying to give him 2 referrals this week!”


“Steve was an absolutely terrific buyer agent. He embodies all the reasons why it is a good idea to employ a buyer agent when trying to get a house: He takes away tedious and difficult tasks, made house visits seamless, dealt with the difficult negotiations, did extensive background research and provided us, clients, with lots of detailed information on the properties of interest. But the real reason why were so happy with Steve were the bits beyond the traditional agent role: he answered our endless questions timely, was patient with the fact that we didn’t quite know what we wanted, showed us houses to give us more context (and therefore a better idea of what we wanted), adapted himself to our wishes, and at no point did we have the impression he was working more for himself than for us. He was pleasant to communicate with and also recommended the best kind of house inspector one could wish for. In short, I would recommend him anytime to anyone, especially to those people who are skeptical about Realtors and their roles in the buying process. Thanks for the great work!”


“[Steve] returned my e-mails very promptly!”


“Great agent — keep it up!”


“[Steve] was genuine and helpful as much as possible.  [He] took the worry out of it all.”


“We dealt with [Steve] directly which was always immediate.”


What influenced your decision to work with [Steve]?  “His personality and his preparedness.  [He] gave us excellent written materials with one day’s notice.”


“Steve was a pleasure to work with!”


What did [Steve] do that in your opinion was extra special or unexpected? “Quick response — [He] suggested viewing houses with my daughter…to narrow down [the] choice of properties.”


“Steve is very down to earth and personable.  He was always available to answer questions and accommodate [our schedule].”


What influenced your decision to choose [Steve over the other Realtors you interviewed]? “Steve seemed very honest and straight forward.”


“Since we were from out-of-town and without a vehicle, it was much appreciated that Steve drove us to each listing/viewing and how promptly he arranged a home inspection [during the tight time frame of a home shopping trip] for the property we chose with an excellent inspector.”


“Steve was very helpful in finding a home inspector for us [when the other inspectors we called were busy].”


“We had great service from Steve.”


“[Steve] answered any and all questions about the property, the area and extra amenities in London.”


“There is a good chance we will be relocating [again] in the next couple of years.  I would want Steve to handle the sale of our home.  Steve was amazing, very gentle in his approach I have already recommended Steve to someone else.”


“What did [Steve] do that in your opinion was extra special or unexpected?  He had an [advertised] open house so quickly.”


“Steve was proactive, organized, always prompt and very willing to go the extra mile.”


“[Working with Steve was] a very good experience.  I have a new appreciation for what Real Estate Agents do and very thankful for Steve’s knowledge and helpfulness.”


“[Steve] always returned our calls quickly and set up appointments right away.  [He even] rearranged a family event without complaint.”


“We were very pleased with Steve and have already referred him to others.”


“What did [Steve] do that in your opinion was extra special or unexpected? [Steve] devoted most of his time to work with us [on our re-location house shopping trip]”


“[Steve] treated us with respect.  He dealt patiently with my father-in-law when he came along to look at houses.”


“Steve was simply amazing with us and exceeded all our expectations.  It was especially nice to have somewhat of a personal connection with him as he immediately understood where we are coming from and what we are looking for.  He never pressured us at all.  It was a great experience.  Thanks.”


“[Steve] was extremely thorough.  [He] looked for homes that had the specs we were looking for and didn’t waste our time taking us to homes we wouldn’t want.”


“Steve is a very genuine person and made us feel comfortable.  [He was] really nice to work with.”


“Everything was perfect.  No complaints on my end.”


“As a first time buyer I really didn’t know what to expect.  Steve was very helpful in explaining each step in the process of buying a home.  My mother will be selling/buying a home in the spring and she asked me for my agent’s name.  Steve will be getting a phone call real soon.”


“Steve took great interest from the first meeting.  We met him at an open house and he really took initiative.  He listened to our needs and really picked some good locations.”


“Steve was absolutely excellent.  Professional.  Attentive.  It felt like he really worked hard to find the right house for us and we are so happy!  Thanks Steve”!


“We are deeply impressed by Steve’s sincerity and enthusiasm.  He treated us just like his friends and family members.  He helped us get our dream house and we learned a lot about homes and the real estate market.”


“Excellent service.”